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Posted by Chris Burger on July 03, 2018 at 10:15:35:

In Reply to: Re: Washington Post Dan Ingram obit posted by John Jesensky on July 01, 2018 at 00:52:31:

The New York Times, for whatever its merits (I used to read it regularly), cannot commonly be called "Dan's hometown paper," although he probably read it. It does fancy itself as the "paper of record," of course and it's nice to see Allen and Musicradio77 get a prominent and well-deserved quote.

For years, the New York "Daily News" has called itself "New York's Hometown Paper" and for much of my lifetime, it was for me and my family - not unlike WABC itself. Both are shadows of themselves for different reasons today. The News' has far less bipartisan and also more over-the-top headlines, which for a tabloid it formerly avoided compared to the New York Post of recent decades.

Thankfully, the News saw fit to run a decent bio on Big Dan by one Kate Feldman, with appropriate clips and commentary. By emphasizing his legendary status in the headline, they got it right, versus the NY Times' emphasis that others commented on, to say nothing of avoiding unwanted details of his demise. I would have dialed down the initial references to being "irreverent" or being a "bawdy jester,' quickly followed up with the juxtaposition of his demise. (It does seem like there are hints of reducing him to just another potty-mouthed (and add your -ist of choice) entertainer from yesteryear. Hopefully it's not intentional but it's a demerit on anotherwise decent piece.

I prefer the News' emphssis on his legendary status and huge industry impact and connection with New Yorkers.

Sadly, as of this date, I still see no (zero) mention of Dan Ingram's passing in the New York Post. Someone should drop them a line to remedy this ASAP. Say what you will about the decline of newspapers (particularly real print versions and migration of some to the less-profitable internet versions), but many New York Post readers out there would be interested in knowing of Big Dan's passing. I'll bet that slice of readership is largely in the dark.

As another aside, even though I was several states south on the coast, I picked up some of 66 WFAN last Saturday morning just shy of 9 am and sure enough, the host (?) began talking about Dan's passing ...and then he even took calls on this (non-sports) topic! And they were heartfelt, and very real from what I heard before the static set in. Even 77 WABC's "Bernie and Sid In the Morning" (see my commentary eleswhere on this or the other board) gave their own awkward / clueless / obligatory send

-off to Dan Ingram before shifting topics. WFAN deserves credit for feeling the heartbeat of the city. People with "long memories" are in my view the lifeblood of a city (or country's) culture. Those who trash it or ignore it help make life more disposable when it actually has things of value and lasting endurance.

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