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Posted by Allan Sniffen on July 05, 2018 at 08:14:23:

I know this is a PIA. Really. I don't like it anymore than many of you do. As I've been posting, I had no choice thanks to Google. I can't live with Google listing my web sites with security warnings. No one will visit. It was a big job here that I could have lived without especially last week.

Anyway, let me address some of the issues:

1. iPads. I don't know why they seem to be having the most trouble with the WABC Musicradio77 site. It seems they don't like the "www" in front of So -- go to the WABC site as just "". Bookmark it that way. That goes for any other site (like this board). If having "www" in front is an issue, just leave it out.

2. Security warnings on other browsers. I have not been able to duplicate this issue but people have e-mailed me about it. The same solution should work. Link to the sites without the "www" in front of the rest of the address (ie.,,,

If possible you can also clear your browser cache and/or reset your security settings. That may clear out old certificates and solve the issue.

Believe me, I'd get rid of all this complication if I could. I'm still seeing people accessing the NYRMB via the old address and thus having trouble posting. Change is a PIA and it feels like I did it for no reason. I held off as long as I could but this month (July) is Google's deadline.

One more quick thing. Tomorrow (Friday 7/6) I'm doing a bandwidth upgrade which will double the capacity for the web sites and more importantly Rewound Radio. While we have yet to exceed what I have now, it's been close. This will give us more breathing room as the listener numbers keep going up.

During the upgrade all of my web sites, boards and Rewound Radio will be "off the air" for about a half hour tomorrow morning. FYI...

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